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Diagnostic: X-ray

We have excellent radiology facilities in all 5 Peninsula vet Care hospitals, allowing us to safely take and look at x-rays immediately.

The majority are digital systems, allows us to save the images on your pets’ history; and also easily share the x-ray images with any of our team, and with specialists if needed. We can also provide you with a copy of your pet’s x-rays by email, disc, or print out.

X-rays help us diagnose many conditions – fractures, arthritis, foreign bodies stuck in the intestines or stomach, lumps in the abdomen, bloat, bladder stones, bone diseases and many more. With x-ray we can also monitor the healing of fractures and knee surgeries.

Sedation or anaesthesia is ideal, to allow us to get the best images safely and with less stress on your pet.

Give us a call today to discuss X-rays and your best friend further.