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Senior Pet Checks are back!

It seems that winter is well and truly upon us! Leaving the warm comfort of bed to face the chill each morning becomes harder each day and only gets worse as the years fly by!
Though our pets are made of tougher stuff than us mere mortals, they can start to feel their age in the colder months.

Chronic health problems that go unnoticed in the summer, can appear and affect our pets quality of life. In anticipation of this, Peninsula Vet Care clinics are focusing on the health of our wizened senior pets in June and July.

 Our annual senior pet check program includes:

  • a full physical examination
  • a geriatric blood test discounted from $140+

To a grand total of $105!
If your pet is seven years or older, please give our friendly staff a call and we can help answer any questions or arrange a time to suit you!