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Traveling interstate or overseas?


If you and your best friend are travelling interstate, then it is a good idea to give us a call. Different locations in Australia can have different health risks for your pet, and we can help make sure your pet is protected from these health issues through the right preventative medications. An example is the paralysis tick which is quite common in the northern states, but not an issue in the colder southern states. Effective tick treatments are available for you over the counter.


If you are planning on taking your pets overseas, then you will need to ensure that they are vaccinated and tested for any diseases that are prevalent in those countries. Exporting of animal laws and certification of export need to be obtained from a DAFF Biosecurity certified Veterinary Professional. This certificate will need to be presented to customs to allow your pet to leave the country.

Traveling interstate or overseas

Peninsula Vet Care has several AQIS registered Veterinary professionals:

  • Dr John Willems
  • Dr Gordon Watt
  • Dr Nichola Richards
  • Dr Carol Crowther

If you are planning on travelling overseas, then give your local Peninsula Vet Care hospital a call, and we can make a booking for you with one of our registered export Vets. It is best to start this process early as the vaccinations and testing requirements can take several months to complete.

If you’re travelling with your pets, give us a call to discuss today!