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TPLO - The Standard of Care Part 2

(contains graphic images)


13.Dr Franklin’s orthopaedic kit is all state of the art, with new made for purpose veterinary surgical power equipment by manufacturers such as Synthes and 3M.

14.All implants, such as TPLO plates and screws are manufactured by world recognised companies such as Synthes, Arthrex, Orthomed and Biomedtrix. Not cheap copy imports which can affect the integrity of any fixation chosen.

15.During surgery, your pet’s anaesthetic is monitored constantly by one of the 2 nurses responsible for the patient.

16. The main steps of TPLO surgery are carried out:

Exposure of the TPLO site

Cutting the curve.


Measuring the Rotation and Pinning in Place

Placing the plate

16.On completion of the surgery, post-operative x-rays are taken to ensure all is as it should be, copies of which are provided for you in your pet’s go home pack..











17.Your pet’s recovery is monitored (for signs of pain, checking body temperature) until they can walk back to their kennel.


Cleaning the wound

Dressing the Wound

Placing a Fentanyl releasing Patch

Icing the Wound

18.The go home pack is prepared including surgical report, post-operative x-rays, handy booklets of information regarding recovery from cruciate repair, blood test results, and our own post-operative home-care notes, and a USB dongle containing the arthroscopy video

19.You will see either Dr Franklin or his surgical assistant Dr Woolley on discharge of your pet from the hospital. (or one of the surgical nurses if you cannot make the discharge times made available by us)

20.The first re-check appointment will be with one of the animal physiotherapists from Animal Rehabilitation centre, this is included in the costs of your pet’s surgery. They will help with advice on providing the speediest of recoveries for your pet. They will provide exercises for your pet to perform at home, just like you might have after your own orthopaedic surgery.

21.Sutures are removed at a recheck with Dr Franklin or Dr Woolley

22.All post-operative appointments are included in the cost of the surgery

23.A standard medication course is provided which is sufficient for 75% of cases. Extra medications are charged for, as are post-operative x-rays taken at 8 weeks in most cases

We believe this to be an absolute gold standard of professional care, but also the minimal standard that should be offered.