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Here at Peninsula Vetcare, all our vets are trained in the performance of regular and routine surgery to the highest standard.

We have the most up to date anaesthetic equipment, and agents, state of the art equipment and all our patients anaesthetics are monitored by a qualified veterinary nurse who never leaves your pet’s side, from administration of premedication drugs to waking up safely back in the kennel or cage.

This is all because we value the trust you place in us to treat your loved one with care and love. We want you to feel safe in the knowledge that your pet is in good hands.

Dr Chris Franklin is the group's senior surgeon, and has undertaken training and further exams in small animal surgery both in the UK and here in Australia. Dr Franklin has  a wide range of surgical experience both in orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.

Over the years Dr Franklin has helped train the surgeons of Peninsula Vetcare so you can be sure at any of our branches, our surgeons are skilled and up to date.

On this website there are links explaining the sorts of surgeries that Dr Chris Franklin regularly performs, and the Emergency and Referral Hospital in Mornington, where he is available through the week. (Be warned some of these links do contain graphic images). There are documents about what to expect and some frequently asked questions and answers too.

We believe our service is the best of both worlds, local but with a wide range of options and skills – which general practice clinic do you know regularly performs successful spinal surgeries or complicated fracture fixations? Which clinic do you know has surgeons who keep their own statistics so they can compare themselves against the best in the world in surgical techniques?

This is the Peninsula Vet Care difference….