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Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease update

Many of you who own a pet rabbit would be aware of what is known as `Calicivirus’ or the Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease 1 virus (RHDV1). This is a disease that your rabbit gets vaccinated against every six months!

Peninsula Vet Care recommends vaccinating your rabbit against RHDV every six months as recently another virus has been isolated in deceased rabbits in Victoria. The Rabbit Haemorrhagic Viral Disease 2 virus (RHDV2), was first diagnosed in Europe in 2010, but the first Australian case was only reported in 2015.This is a different virus from that which the Australian Government released in 2016 for the control of wild rabbits.

The currently available Cylap RCD vaccination provides some protection against RHVD2 but this protection is certainly not absolute. The Australian Veterinary Association are recommending six monthly vaccinations rather than annually.

There is no cure for rabbit calicivirus, or RHDV, once your rabbit is infected. You can limit your bunny's exposure to RHDV by:

  • Rabbit proofing your backyard so wild rabbits, carrying the virus, cannot get close to your bunnies 

Please contact one of our vets for further information.