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Rabbit Desexing

What do you mean "desex"?

Desexing can be performed by your vet once your rabbit is 4 months old, this involves a general anaesthetic and either; the removal of the testes in male rabbits, or the ovaries and uterus in female rabbits.

Why should I desex my rabbit?

Apart from reducing unwanted litters, as they “breed like rabbits!”, there are multiple benefits:

Reduced risk of cancer.

Entire female rabbits have a high risk of uterine cancer which is
aggressive and a serious condition.                

Reduced male behavioural issues.

Entire male rabbits can get aggressive and fight with other rabbits, pets or you! The best way to reduce unwanted male behaviours is to neuter him early!

How can Peninsula Vet Care help desex my rabbit?

Rabbits are prey animals, which predisposes them to stress. To minimise the effects of stress in your rabbit we recommend bringing in your rabbit with some of his or her favourite toys, bedding and food from home. Unlike dogs and cats, rabbits do not need to be fasted before surgery, and it is important to have your rabbit eating as soon as possible after the procedure to ensure the fastest and smoothest recovery.