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Do I need pet insurance?

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Advancements in pet healthcare has meant that there is a much larger range of treatments available to improve the health of your best friend should they fall ill or be injured. The reason veterinary medicine is seemingly so expensive is that unlike healthcare for us owners there is no government support for your pets healthcare. Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) heavily discount the costs of medical treatment and medicines to us owners, in many instances the equipment, procedures and medications we use for your best friend are quite similar to what you would receive yourself if you were ill.

Pet insurance provides the equivalent of Medicare and PBS, only for your pets! If the worst happens and your pet falls ill or is injured, pet insurance will cover up to 80% of the costs involved in treating your best friend, so it is great piece of mind should the unplanned happen.

  • Why is the vet trying to sell me insurance?

    Peninsula Vet Care is not involved in any way with pet insurance providers, and we do not receive anything from the premiums that you pay should you take up insurance for your pet. Why we discuss it with all our clients, is that we see the difference it makes to the healthcare of pets that are insured, and the reduced stress our clients suffer from the financial burden these injuries and illness cause.


  • Which Pet Insurance is right for me?

    There are now many different options available for pet insurance. Some will cover more or less of the costs for treatment, and have varying excesses, and premiums to match. Peninsula Vet Care cannot recommend what option is best for you, but we can provide a list of insurance companies that we have positive dealings with from speed of claims processing and customer service perspective.

  • What is the process for making a claim?

    You will need to pay for the treatment of your pet at the time of treatment. We have payment options available for this as well, so talk to us on available options. Our veterinary and reception teams will help you to complete the claim paperwork, and will provide any required documentation for you to supply to the insurance company to support your claim. Once your claim has been processed the insurance company will then refund the money less any excess or gap to you.