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There are many tests we can do on the spot at all of our fully equipped veterinary hospitals. Our microscopes are used every day- to check what is causing that ear infection, do the cells in that lump look nasty or benign (and help us plan treatment accordingly), to look at blood smears, and skin scrapings for parasites.

There are state of the art blood analysis units in the majority of our hospitals, for rapid accurate results. This is especially important for same day pre anaesthetic blood tests, and for very unwell pets and other emergency situations. Blood test are also used for senior pets, as they are a great tool in the early detection of many diseases that affect our elderly pets.

We also use an External Veterinary Laboratory for expert pathologist opinions. They offer many tests including specialist blood tests; urine, ear and skin infection cultures, to allow for the identification of the exact bacteria or fungus involved, and the best antibiotic or treatment to use; Histopathology on lumps to tell us exactly what they are ( benign or malignant), and to check if margins are tumour free, to help us plan further treatments as necessary.

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