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First Trip to the vet!

Coming to the vet can be a little stressful. Just like visiting the doctor for a general health check, we can’t help but be nervous that everything will go well. Below is some general information about what will happen when you come in for your first visit:

Booking the appointment

When you call to book an appointment at your local Peninsula Vet Care hospital, the reception team will ask if you have been to see us before. If you haven’t, they will ask a few general details about yourself and your pet, then arrange a suitable time for your pets appointment. When you come in for the appointment, please arrive a few minutes early, as the reception team may require some additional information about your pet. This information in very important for us to get a complete picture of your pet, and any current medication or treatments it is on.

Arriving at the clinic

When you arrive in reception, you will be greeted by our friendly reception team. All of our reception team members are nurses, and are experienced in pet care, so if you have any concerns or queries with your pet it’s a great chance to talk to them. We will usually ask you to weigh your dog when you first come in so that their weight can be recorded in their medical history.  Your pets weight is used for calculating flea and worm treatment dosages as well and any other medications that may be required.

Time for the appointment

When it is time for your pets appointment, the veterinarian will come and greet you and your pet in reception and take you into a consult room. The veterinarian will ask you some general background questions regarding your pets health, and if you have any concerns with your pets health or behaviour. They may also discuss areas of general healthcare with you including:

  • Vaccinations
  • Heartworm, intestinal worm and flea treatments
  • Behavioural and environmental stimulation for your pet

This information is recorded in your pets medical history as certain medications and paracitiside treatments cannot be combined.

The veterinarian will then perform a thorough physical examination of your pet. This will involve listening to your pet’s heart, checking their temperature, checking their joints, skin, teeth and ears. Because animals can’t talk, this examination (along with your observations) is vital to assessing the health of your pet.

Once the check up is complete

Once the check up is complete

Once the check up is complete, the veterinarian will discuss their findings and recommend a treatment plan if required..

If your pet has come in for a vaccination, then it is administered via an injection and a vaccination card is completed for your records.

Once finished

Once finished, you will then be able to finalise your account with the reception team, and book in any reminders or follow-ups for your pet. The reception team can also help you with any further queries you have. And please remember, we are only a phone call away. If you have any concerns regarding your best friend, please give us a call to discuss.