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A word about our senior surgeon.

Chris Franklin has spent the last 19 years of his professional career acting as the senior surgeon within multiple-branch veterinary practices.

He spent 5 years as a visiting surgeon around clinics in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He is well-regarded within the veterinary surgical community, lecturing and demonstrating the Arthrex ‘Tightrope’ cruciate technique to general practice vets all over Australia.

He is as highly-qualified as a general practitioner can be in small animal surgery. Chris has both the UK Certificate in small animal surgery (2005 -by exam) and Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery (2017 – by exam).

Chris is happy to provide a small animal surgery service unique in our region, from a general practice. He is not a specialist, but is considered a ‘middle tier’ surgeon. This enables him to provide clients with the highest quality surgical care at a more affordable price.

Chris has an excellent relationship with several local specialists. His advanced surgical knowledge allows him to advise his clients about all the options available to them for their pet, and he happily offers referral for patients to specialist surgeons for the more challenging cases.

He keeps statistics on the outcomes of the more common procedures he performs – including several cruciate repair techniques (TPLO, TTO, TTA and Tight-rope), patella surgeries, fracture fixations, and brachycephalic respiratory cases, as well as the more advanced cases – spinal surgery, arthroscopy, and large tumour removals. This allows him to measure his performance against published specialist surgeon outcomes, ensuring he is at the level expected of a surgeon who tackles complex cases routinely.

Chris is also heavily involved with the Pug community. He works closely with the charity Pugs SOS, performing vital upper airway surgeries on their rescue dogs.He also regularly helps the charity Starting Over Dog Rescue with orthopaedic cases, fixing fractures at reduced charity rates. As you can see above, Chris also enjoys helping out at Healesville Sanctuary and Melbourne Zoo periodically when they have a case who needs some orthopaedic help

At Peninsula Vet Care, we like to make our most qualified vets available to everyone, so if you would like to make an appointment with Chris to have him assess your pet’s case, a second opinion is available free of charge, so he can talk through the options with you.