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Bloat or GDV (Gastric Dilation – Volvulus) is a condition that involves the accumulation of air or fluid in the stomach. Once the stomach is bloated, it can subsequently twist upon itself which can be extremely dangerous and needs to be treated as an emergency!
The twisting of the stomach restricts blood flow and can cause tissue around the stomach to start to die if not treated immediately.
This problem generally occurs from the dog over eating and excessively drinking water. Allowing the dog to take part in physical activity after eating can also cause problems.
Although this is more commonly seen in large breed dogs is can happen in any breed at any age.                                 
Symptoms can include:
•Rapid breathing
•Abdominal bloating
•Lethargy/ collapse
•Salivating                 .


General preventions such providing small amounts of food portions and allowing the meal to digest prior to any level of activity can help to lower the risk of bloat occurring.
Preventative procedures such as a ‘Gastropexy’ can be performed which involves surgically attaching the stomach to the body wall to prevent it from twisting.