Enriching lives through happy healthy pets


Unwanted behaviour is the leading cause of relinquishment and euthanasia of pets in Australia. Many more pets end up spending their life separated from their family because of behaviours that the family doesn’t know how to stop.

At Peninsula Vet Care we understand that a having a healthy happy pet be part of your family extends to the mental wellbeing and socially appropriate behaviour of your pet.

We offer behaviour consultations with Dr Jodi Vermaas and Dr Glenn Tobiasky who have completed comprehensive further education in behavioural assessment and management of pets.

The consultations include a pre-appointment questionnaire that is assessed by the vets before the visit, an appointment time of up to 2 hours to make a thorough assessment and go over treatment and behaviour modification techniques with you and your pet, and 3 months of unlimited phone contact to fine tune the behaviour modifying program to get you very comfortable with the techniques before you need to go it alone.

We have had some life saving results and we are sure we can help you and your pet enjoy each other’s company again.